The Saga of Sustainable Shoes

Leonardo da Vinci once said, ‘the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.’ Andoze shoes compliment the shape of your feet. They fit you like second skin and feel extremely light. They are specially designed with a wider toe box to give extra grip, air and comfort to your feet.

Andoze is an Earth-Friendly shoe brand purposefully made to make this planet prosper. It changes the shoe game and takes the footwear and fashion industry by storm; with durable, biodegradable, 0 waste, 100% vegan shoes that are super stylish and versatile.

The Andoze Journey

From Soulmates to Sole-mates

Globetrotters by heart, innovators by mind and (now) marketers by profession, Shrey and Parul wanted to do something extraordinary for the nature. They traveled the world together, & fell in love with each other and this planet. Their trips to the beaches, mountains and lush green valleys eventually contributed to the eureka of crafting eco-friendly shoes.

They initially started off with just two pairs of trendy, sustainable shoes, that became an instant hit everywhere - from their gym to parties and even business meetings and they never looked back since. Eventually created a brand based on environment-friendly approach.

Feel with your Feet

The shoe material is best friends with the planet & you. Whether you’re feeling warm as the sun or calm as the moon, lazy or fun - there’s a pair of shoes for you to comfortably slide into.


Light for feet, Lit for Fashion

Andoze shoes are so light, you forget that you have them on. They give you maximum relief, fit perfectly with the shape of your feet and come with a built-in anti-skid quality.


Kick for the Earth

Andoze loves the earth way too much and is kind & gentle on the environment. We minimise our carbon footprint, produce zero waste & promote ethical consumerism and recycling.


Green is the New Black!

Imagine waking up early morning for your morning run, what truly fuels you up and gets you excited to step out of your house is a perfect pair of shoes. Isn’t it? We understand the feeling, the rush, the confidence, the comfort shoes bring in all of our lives. Andoze feels for you and takes fashion 100 steps forward with responsible, sustainable, environment-friendly and ethical choices.