Step Towards Sustainability!

Andoze shoes are absolutely savage. They challenge the status quo and are sourced directly from the earth. They’re nothing like your everyday pair of shoes. They’re eco-friendly and climate - neutral. They let your feet breathe and your planet bloom!

Andoze walks towards a better, greener tomorrow by using plant-based & recycled materials like natural fabric, organic cotton, sugarcane & more and willingly reduces waste and carbon footprint. With sustainable materials that make the shoes last a century & innovative techniques that minimize the ill effects on the environment- the natural and evergreen shoes are a total catch!

Sugarcane-based outsoles are light, flexible, and shock-absorbing. They reduce carbon footprint & sustainably replace the traditional petroleum-based ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) outsoles. Sugarcane outsoles give you a firm & keep you fashion-forward.

Plant-Based Fabric

The shoes are made with a breathable and fully biodegradable fabric. It is derived from the wood pulp of eucalyptus, pine and bamboo trees. The fabric is soft on the skin, uses less water in its production, and easily absorbs sweat, keeping the feet fresh for long hours. It provides natural comfort and ease and is highly durable.

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is the most skin-friendly, comfortable, and safe natural fibre - grown without pesticides or toxic chemicals. It is 100 % bio-based, uses less water, maintains soil fertility and combats nitrate leaching. Organic cotton is soft on your skin and gentle on the Earth.

Farm straw
Farm straw is gentle & light and helps in eliminating carbon. It is used for substance enhancement & makes high quality shoes. It is used in the insoles of Andoze shoes for enhanced stability & firm grip. Farm straw gives your feet cushiony-comfort & easy-breezy bounce & relief.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
Our single-box packaging gives your shoes a place to live in comfortably, when you’re not wearing them. The outer box is made from 100% recycled and recyclable material and so are the protective tissue and structural filler. Your Andoze box is a biodegradable and recyclable souvenir that keeps your shoes safe and helps the planet grow.

Rub in some Goodness
Recycled tyre rubber is excellent for making eyelets. It is obtained by hand-peeling old tyres. It smartly saves the tyres from increasing landfill. This unique eco-rubber used in Andoze shoes is highly flexible and durable. It conserves nature and serves extra comfort.

Magic in the Bottles
The plastics used in our shoes, laces, and threads are derived from recycled plastic bottles to ditch the use of virgin plastics in production. This helps in reducing the plastic waste that enters landfills/oceans and destroys our natural surroundings. Andoze shoes are smart, sustainable, chic & responsible.

What makes Andoze, A Nature's Doze!

Care for your kicks

Andoze Shoes take care of your feet and the Earth. You should take care of them too. Follow these simple steps to make your shoes last a lifetime.


Hangout with them. Take them with you wherever you go!


Love the shoes like your bestfriend. Handle with extreme care.


Simply remove the insoles, wash with water and give them a fun spin in the machine on gentle mode, every six months.


Get some Vitamin D and soak in the sun with them.


Don't leave them naked. Keep them covered in their eco-friendly box.